Flaming Hell, it's the Flaming Stars!

The Flaming Stars | The Thomas House, Dublin, November 2017 | Support from Reverend JM's Panic Worship

Formed in London in 1994 by lead singer Max Décharné, guitarists Huck Whitney and Mark Hosking (on bass this night, filling in for bassist Paul Dempsey) and Joe Whitney on drums, this was the The Flaming Stars first ever Dublin show. As Mark said to me, 'what a pity there weren't more places like this back in the day'. It took a long time for them to arrive to Dublin but they were more then keen to return after their show.

Wearing a twenty-something year old Gallon Drunk t-shirt (a nod to Décharné), I wasn't going to miss this gig, having listened to the Flaming Stars since their '98 release, Songs from the Bar Room Floor. I had no doubt I would end up saying, 'it was a great a gig as I had hoped'. Consider that said.

Personally nostalgic, contemporarily relevant and a whole lot of fun in the perfect venue. As they once advised, sell your soul to The Flaming Stars.

Set list: Only Tonight, Bury My Heart at Pier 13, You Don't Always Want What You Get, Get Carter, Where the Beautiful People Go, Money To Burn, Revenge, Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye, Broken Heart, The Face On The Bar Room Floor, Baby Steps, God Told Me to Do It, The Light Pours out Of Me, Downhill Without Brakes, New Hope for the Dead, Back of My Mind, Like Trash

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Reverend JM's Panic Worship

Reverend JM's Panic Worship | The Thomas House, Dublin, November 2017 | Supporting The Flaming Stars

Reverend JM’s Panic Worship are a Dublin-based band defying, as they say, categorisation but alt. gothic. jazzabilly. country-fusion isn't a bad place to start. A performance full of drama, with stories from the darker side of life, all threaded with a judicious sense of humour. The stage resembled Tom Waits' spare room with guitars, drums, tea chest bass, washboard, theremin and various homemade and found objects.

Forming in 2010, they have self-released two full length studio albums and one live album. They've entertained crowds at various arts and music festivals throughout Ireland and regularly play in Dublin.  


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Shout Sister Shout

Shout Sister Shout, the legendary London wild, rockin' rootsy R'n'B band formed in 1988 hit the stage of the Thomas House earlier this month. A who's who of members featuring Andy Neal, Pete Farrugia, Chad Strentz, Lyn Boorer and Brian Nevill...who haven't these guys played with from Ronnie Dawson, Howlin' Wilf (James Hunter), Lee Thompson, Big Joe Louis, The Planet Rockers, No 9 and Paul Lamb and The Kingsnakes, to name but a few..?

A night of surprise guests and support by Donna Dunne and The Mystery Men.

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Donna Dunne & The Mystery Men

Donna Dunne has been a fixture on the Dublin music scene since 2012 with her first single 'Woman in Black'. Not one togive up on becoming a touring artist with her own style of music, Donna has worked with some of the best musicians in Ireland and the UK throughout recent the years.

In August 2016, Donna signed with Diablo Records (UK) and released her first album 'Voodoo' February 2017.

Donna & The Mystery Men provided a powerful, energetic and expressive performance, delivered with a whole lot of soul supporting Shout Sister Shout in the Thomas House earlier this month and were joined on stage by Boz and Lyn Boorer.

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Henhouse Prowlers

Saturday, 26 August and I flew the coop for a night with Chicago’s Henhouse Prowlers at the Thomas House, Dublin.

Ben, John, Aaron & Kyle, all tremendously accomplished musicians, treated the crowd to lightning hot, bluegrass pickin’, and ballads, including songs from Nigeria, Uganda and Kyrgyzstan. The Prowlers have worked with the US State Department from Sub-Saharan Africa to Russia, returning each time to bring back and share other culture’s folk music with a ‘bluegrassified’ twist. 

Good-time music from real gents, all of whom were eager to mingle with the crowd between sets and after the show. When not travelling the world, the band are avid educators in terms of their respective instruments but also in the general area of Bluegrass, from an American cultural history point of view. Henhouse Prowlers regularly bring their bluegrass curriculum to elementary and intermediate schools in various US States.

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The Toasters + Bocs Social Band

The Toasters are one of the original American third-wave ska bands. Founded in New York in 1981 by 'Buck' Hingley, with 9 studio albums currently under their braces, through labels such as Moon Ska Records, Megalith Records, Celluloid, Stomp Records, Caroline Distribution & Skaloid.

Ska was made to dance to and for anyone who was banking on skanking, there was every opportunity through a rapidly delivered, brass thickened beat at The Thomas House, Dublin this earlier this month.

Support came from the excellent home-grown Bocs Social Band  [gallery], a seven-piece ska/funk/pop band who spilled across the stage with satisfying vocal aggression, trumpet, sax, keys and a steadfast rhythms section who more than amply set up the rest of the night of two great sets, one great night in one helluva venue.

The Toasters

Bocs Social Band

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Phill Jupitus / Porky the Poet

In 1984, Phill Jupitus quit his Department of Health and Social Security job to begin performing as Porky the Poet, supporting bands such as The Style Council and The Housemartins. Later, working for the independent record label Go! Discs his duties included being press officer for the The Housemartins and directing videos for Billy Bragg and the late Kirsty McColl.

Much of the conversations I had with him in The Thomas House on 6 April was about his time with Go! Discs of course, and about Billy Bragg.

Jupitus treated the crowd to a stand up set before moving upstairs for a DJ Set, having brought a selection of 7"s over to Dublin. A stand-up and improv comedian, actor, performance poet, cartoonist, podcaster, Dj and pours a mean pint of Guinness!

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Reggae Got Soul

Reggae Got Soul - Original Skinhead, Reggae, Jamaican, Ska and Rocksteady all played on original vinyl at the Thomas House, Dublin. 

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The Terrorsaurs

The Terrorsaurs (Birmingham, UK) were conceived and created in 2009 by Ian B (King Fink), with the to forge elements of 1950’s sci-fi, schlock cinema & pulp imagery into a musical form that utilises and references garage & surf rock.

Their raw, hard-edged sound is fully realised on the ‘One Night Only’ album recorded at WILD Studios, Hollywood CA. This savage slice of R ‘n’ R perfectly captures the vibe of the band and is their seminal release to date.

The Terrorsaurs swamp train rolls on and recently made a stompin' stop at The Thomas House on 25 February 2017. 

https://www.facebook.com/terrorsaursurf | http://terrorsaursurf.com | http://www.wildrecordsusa.com

“What I wear on and off stage is my mask. You see, a mask doesn't hide you, it exposes you.” 
― Nuno Roque


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