A day at The Mill

Had a great day today at the Mill Studios in Dublin. It’s been a while since I spent a full day in a studio and not using a portable set up, so it was a nice change. Great facilities and help (set up and take down made so much easier) and looks like I’ll be back soon enough too.


Studio Shoot

Eight hours of recent studio work (images with client) that featured portraiture, fashion and a but of fun at the end with confetti. A long day but a great shoot and a happy client who organised a great model for the day.
It had been a while since I was in the studio and certainly for that length of time. Lots of planning went into the day, which really paid off. 

2018-02-22 17.28.49.jpg

Bottle shots

D-Light Studio/Photo Ireland

Between the 26th and 28th of July, D-Light Studios presented over 40 photographers as part of PhotoIreland Festival 2015 and I was there with my An Uncommon Beauty project.

The exhibition officially kicked off on Sunday, July 26th with live DJs and the D-Light Cafe kept us all sweet with a steady supply of free doughnuts from the Polish Traditional Bakery Dublin. A very exclusive instalment of a 'Tenx9' Storytelling event (9 people took 10 minutes to tell a true story on the theme 'Snap', with all stories being about a chosen photograph.

Canon Ireland undertook a sponsored portrait session with complimenary Älska cider served on the opening night. All kinds of photography on view, with 'something for everyone', as they say and lots of very creative display methods and presentations.

I received great feedback on my work, with lots of people leafing through the pages of my book, as well as asking me about the process and subject matter. It was a great chance to chat to other photographers and artists too, as well as with members of the public.
I guess you'd say I had a D-lightful time *groan*. 


I studied music theory and later the clarinet, as soon as my hands were deemed large enough to play the instrument. The keys on a clarinet require a lot of stretching and reaching so I waited approximately a year before I could start learning to play.

The clarinet introduced me to various forms of jazz as well as instrumentalists such as Benny GoodmanWoody Herman and Artie Shaw. I performed numerous times in Kilkenny Castle's Long Gallery, as well as traditional Irish music sessions in Cleere's, Kilkenny and at weddings.

This photographic study of my own clarinet's components was taken on a 4x5 large format camera in a studio setting. I represented the very broad dynamic range of the instrument, from a practically inaudible pianississimo to a significant fortississimoby way of a shallow depth of field and the breadth of camera movements distinctive to large format cameras. 

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