ALIGHT! Storytelling Workshop | Dublin's Culture Connects: The National Neighbourhood

Tonight, I started work with ALIGHT!, which runs until February 2017, ALIGHT!
A big thanks to Liz and her team at Pembroke Library, along with Cleo, Vanessa and Muirne for their company and assistance.

Such interesting stories and memories emerged from this evening, with history brought to life and lives themselves shared amongst those who attended.

photo: Anthony Griffin Photography

photo: Anthony Griffin Photography


The project is being coordinated by Dublin City Council and is lead by a professional team of artists and choreographers, with participants being offered the opportunity to explore their local community through engagement in activities encompassing art design, dance, storytelling, music and theatre and dance workshops as well as decorating a bus! They will then have the opportunity to perform on the No.1 Dublin Bus route!

A series of workshops will run in and between Ringsend, Irishtown, Sandymount and Pearse Street to allow those interested to learn more about this project by talking with the artists and participating in workshops.