Expressions International Portrait Exhibition 2017

Yesterday, I went to Longford Town for the launch of Expressions, 2017 (Ireland's largest dedicated art photography portrait exhibition & competition), in which I was a finalist. This was my second year to both enter and reach the final, with the previous held in an indoor gallery space. So with enlarged prints (1x2m), in a very public venue, it's a great experience for the finalists, as well as the general public.

Greeted by name by organisers Angelika Sowul and Shelley Corcoran (with whom I photographed alongside Cllr. Mae Sexton) felt like a real 'welcome back'. The image I submitted is one from Transmission, which I explained in a short video interview. My previous finalist entry in 2015 was from An Uncommon Beauty and in fact, the Cruthú Arts Festival Chairperson saw me yesterday and said, 'Hi, you're the alopecia guy, right?'☺

Trish Lambe Co-Director of the Gallery of Photography also addressed the attendees, as did Longford TD/Minister of State, Kevin Moran. A great day and a credit to Angelika, Shelley and their team, as well as the Cruthú Arts Festival of which this was a part. Great work and a real diversity & array of talent on exhibit as always.

Thanks also to Jasminka for the photos of myself!

'Expressions' International Portrait Exhibition

As a finalist, I am hoping to make the opening ceremony later this month. I made the finals when I entered in 2015 and had a great evening - this year, the exhibition launch is during the day and in the open, so I hope even more of the general public will attend. The finalists' images will also be much more public, being displayed as large prints around the town!

Expressions, 2017

Very happy to be selected as a finalist again at this year's Expressions International Portrait Photography competition and exhibition.  

The exhibition, the largest of its kind in Ireland, is located in Longford with this year's finalists' work exhibited through the town as 1x2 meter prints.  

In 2015 I was a finalist with an image from An Uncommon Beauty. The exhibition launches in July.

Images from 2015:



I was delighted to have an image from An Uncommon Beauty shortlisted for Expressions, a dedicated art photography and portrait exhibition in Longford from 23 - 26 July.

The emphasis of the competition by Longford Digital Arts/Longford County Arts Services was on art photography. Rather than technically competent renditions of images of family, friends or pets they sought portraits of a high technical standard that are also creative and express an identity.

Tanya Kiang, Co-Director/CEO of the Gallery of Photography spoke at the official launch on the night of Thursday, 23 July and there was an emphasis on the international nature of the exhibition, which featured work by photographers based in Israel, Mexico, Poland and USA. 

It was great to participate in such an event and I loved the work on display, all of which was very varied and of such high quality. Furthermore, there was little for me to do expect arrive and enjoy. My images was printed, mounted and installed for me. Excellently I must say!

Expressions Committee Members: Angelika Sowul and Shelley Corcoran, Me and my friend Edel

Expressions Committee Members: Angelika Sowul and Shelley Corcoran, Me and my friend Edel