Interview with Beautiful Humans Magazine

I was recently invited by Beautiful Interviews to be interviewed.
Beautiful Humans is a digital interview magazine based in the UK, a declaration of love to humanity and a praise to the bright side of what makes us humans in all aspects.
Every week,
Beautiful Humans publishes an interview with a leading figure of our time in the fields of fashion, music, business and spirituality, providing insightful conversations with atypical, innovative individuals who positively impact our lives through their deeds, creativity, spirit and determination to be the change they want to see in the world. In these uncertain times, it is the mission of Beautiful Humans to revive the feeling of hope, love and togetherness that makes us all one beautiful human family.
Together we are stronger, we are brighter, and we fly higher. Humans are greatness and wonder. Humankind never ceases to deliver beauty before our very eyes, so long as we allow it to be part of our lives and of our hearts.

Click on link for interview

Click on link for interview


Spin 1038

A nice surprise today, to be called by Dublin's Spin 1038 to speak live on air about An Uncommon Beauty.

This was as a result of Spin Talk doing a feature on Alopecia today, which was great, with varied callers, male and female and of all ages. 

It seems they saw the piece on but it was great timing with the work currently being exhibited in Kilkenny. 

Time was short and I tried to cram as much as I could into the interview but of course it is something that I could talk about forever and there is never enough time!

KCLR 96fm

On Friday, 22nd July I had the pleasure of speaking with John Masterson on KCLR96fm  ahead of Alternative Kilkenny Arts, 28 July to 14 August. 

I was interviewed about my work, An Uncommon Beauty, a subject I've naturally spoke a lot about. John, a very experienced journalist, was great, welcoming and made very relevant points and asked some good questions. 

The radio station gave away a copy of my An Uncommon Beauty  book (hardcover), so congrats to the winner wherever you are!

I've no trouble talking about the work or my experience around it but being live on air is something that you have to both be aware of and forget at the same time!

Thanks also to producer Eimear who put the morning together.

An Uncommon Beauty / International Women's Day

I had the pleasure today of sitting in with Paddy, one of my An Uncommon Beauty sitters, for an interview with Sean Moncrieff on his Newstalk radio show.  

It was very apt that Paddy had the opportunity to speak about her personal experience of alopecia on International Women's Day. She presented a very honest but positive account of living with alopecia, in sync with my work's own aims.

Every woman to whom I spoke about alopecia had their own unique account and experience and even today, I continued to learn.  Audio below.

with Sean Moncrieff [Newstalk] and Paddy [An Uncommon Beauty]

with Sean Moncrieff [Newstalk] and Paddy [An Uncommon Beauty]


Pinpic, a start up is soon to be launched. As such they were interested in my experience of working at the Web Summit last year and decided to feature me on their website. Looks a great deal for freelance photographers and more importantly, potential clients. Read the interview here or click on the image below.