Roches - Hair Replacement and Breast Care - PR Marketing Shoot

I recently had the pleasure of taking some PR/Marketing shots in and around Roches for use on their website and brochures. I first met Anne Roche when I was embarking on An Uncommon Beauty and again, later, to speak at her International Alopecia Day event. so it was great to be back in another capacity.

Understanding the importance of visuals is key for any business with an online presence and let’s face it, what business doesn’t have, in some description.

International Alopecia Day #2

Just back from a great day at Roches - Positive Appearance and Well Being to take part in their International Alopecia Day event. There were makeup sessions, Indian Head Massages, Embrowdery, prizes and competitions. Anne Roche and her great team pampered us all for the day and together with Bianconi's, kept us fed and watered on what turned into a warm, sunny afternoon here in Dublin.

As part of the day, I showed my An Uncommon Beauty work, which I projected large onto a stairwell wall and was also able to informally present my framed prints and books to those who attended.

Shortly before lunchtime, I gave a talk about the project i.e. the process and my own personal experiences and learning. It made me realise that the project is still quite fresh and that I need to spend a little time to reflect upon everything I went through. Equally, that despite the fact that the actual shooting is over, the project itself is somewhat ongoing.

I had only finished mentioning John Berger, men act and women appear, the male gaze etc. and as Berger says:

You painted a naked woman because you enjoyed looking at her, put a mirror in her hand and you called the painting “Vanity,” thus morally condemning the woman whose nakedness you had depicted for you own pleasure (1973, p51)

etc., when I popped into a little newsagent next door to be greeted with the following sight (men act and women appear). It is always interesting to see how men and women's hands (in particular) are presented and positioned on the cover of glossy magazines:


A great day and the first, but not the last International Alopecia Day event at Roche's.

Thanks to Anne and her team for allowing me to be part of the day and to those who attended, sat and listened to me - but more importantly, questioned me. 

Berger, J. (1973) Ways Of Seeing. London: British Broadcasting Corp.

International Alopecia Day #1

I have been asked by Roches - Positive Appearance and Well Being to take part in their International Alopecia Day event, tomorrow Saturday, 1 August, at their Merrion Gates Clinic. You can read more about International Alopecia Day here

It's going to be a great, fun and positive day with Makeup sessions, Indian Head Massages, Embrowdery, Prizes and Competitions, Face-painting for children, refreshments and finger food. The event runs from 11am until 3pm and I know that Roches have put a lot of work into the preparations. 

As part of the day, I will be showing a project of my 36 final images that appear in An Uncommon Beauty, the book, as a projection, along with a number of framed prints from the project. 

Furthermore, I will be giving a talk about the project's process and my own personal experiences and learning.

I will also be at hand to take photographs for as one of Ireland’s contribution to this year's AlopeciaWorld video montage. An update to follow after the event!