Some 35mm shots

Busy times between shooting private, client work and Tutoring; so I’ve been away in every sense. Here’s some random, recently processed 35mm film shots that have been scanned.


I studied music theory and later the clarinet, as soon as my hands were deemed large enough to play the instrument. The keys on a clarinet require a lot of stretching and reaching so I waited approximately a year before I could start learning to play.

The clarinet introduced me to various forms of jazz as well as instrumentalists such as Benny GoodmanWoody Herman and Artie Shaw. I performed numerous times in Kilkenny Castle's Long Gallery, as well as traditional Irish music sessions in Cleere's, Kilkenny and at weddings.

This photographic study of my own clarinet's components was taken on a 4x5 large format camera in a studio setting. I represented the very broad dynamic range of the instrument, from a practically inaudible pianississimo to a significant fortississimoby way of a shallow depth of field and the breadth of camera movements distinctive to large format cameras. 

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