Expressions International Portrait Exhibition 2017

Yesterday, I went to Longford Town for the launch of Expressions, 2017 (Ireland's largest dedicated art photography portrait exhibition & competition), in which I was a finalist. This was my second year to both enter and reach the final, with the previous held in an indoor gallery space. So with enlarged prints (1x2m), in a very public venue, it's a great experience for the finalists, as well as the general public.

Greeted by name by organisers Angelika Sowul and Shelley Corcoran (with whom I photographed alongside Cllr. Mae Sexton) felt like a real 'welcome back'. The image I submitted is one from Transmission, which I explained in a short video interview. My previous finalist entry in 2015 was from An Uncommon Beauty and in fact, the Cruthú Arts Festival Chairperson saw me yesterday and said, 'Hi, you're the alopecia guy, right?'☺

Trish Lambe Co-Director of the Gallery of Photography also addressed the attendees, as did Longford TD/Minister of State, Kevin Moran. A great day and a credit to Angelika, Shelley and their team, as well as the Cruthú Arts Festival of which this was a part. Great work and a real diversity & array of talent on exhibit as always.

Thanks also to Jasminka for the photos of myself!

'Expressions' International Portrait Exhibition

As a finalist, I am hoping to make the opening ceremony later this month. I made the finals when I entered in 2015 and had a great evening - this year, the exhibition launch is during the day and in the open, so I hope even more of the general public will attend. The finalists' images will also be much more public, being displayed as large prints around the town!

Expressions, 2017

Very happy to be selected as a finalist again at this year's Expressions International Portrait Photography competition and exhibition.  

The exhibition, the largest of its kind in Ireland, is located in Longford with this year's finalists' work exhibited through the town as 1x2 meter prints.  

In 2015 I was a finalist with an image from An Uncommon Beauty. The exhibition launches in July.

Images from 2015:


TedX Exhibit

Two of my images from An Uncommon Beauty exhibited as part of today's TedX Talk, 'Beyond (Your) Fear' at Griffith College Dublin. 

'...with our speakers from diverse disciplines such as Business, Entertainment, Technology or Mental Health, we want to foster learning, inspiration and wonder – and provoke conversations that matter.  Fear is an emotion that has a tremendous impact on many of our life’s most important decisions – and it often hides in the subconscious. To give our audience new insights in what lies beyond this powerful emotion, we will present untold stories around ideas that are on the cutting edge of their field.'

Above photos: Simon Walsh

Above photos: Simon Walsh

Above photo: Sinead Murphy (L-R) Two of my images from  An Uncommon Beauty  beside one from Antonina Zharko

Above photo: Sinead Murphy (L-R) Two of my images from An Uncommon Beauty beside one from Antonina Zharko

photo: @TedxGriffith1

photo: @TedxGriffith1

Above photos: Sinead Murphy 

Above photos: Sinead Murphy 

38 Women | Hyde Park Art Centre, Chicago

A first look at how my images are presented as part of the (Re)Public public exhibition (until 15 Jan 2017), accompanying Coiscéim's 38 Women. 38 Women is a class and performance project which has been running parallel to the ANU/CoisCéim collaboration These Rooms. This is a project that I have worked with since April of 2016. 

‘I hope that our stories will be many. As women – I imagine we will discover themes that we have in common, connections and overlaps, as well as distinct differences. The process of discovery may be challenging, colourful – and surely dynamic. In the physical re-telling of these narratives our choreography may be expansive or detailed, lyrical or abrasive, formal or free-flowing….let’s see where this creative and expressive journey takes us…’
- Philippa Donnellan, Choreographer
'We live by the stories we have about our lives; they shape our lives' - Bearing Witness, Katherine Ley, 2010.

AKA Fringe Festival 2016 | Week One

The first week of AKA Fringe is coming to an end, with another week to go and Kilkenny Arts Week starting today. After hanging my pieces from An Uncommon Beauty and dropping by to do a KCLR interview, I stayed a couple of days in Kilkenny. 


This year's AKA programme is packed with events (almost all of which I am missing by being back in Dublin!) and a real credit to the organising committee and the City itself. 

My images had a great reception from what I saw and heard first hand and hopefully they're being well received in my absence. I was asked some great questions about the work, the women and about alopecia in general. The work is not for sale and by being exhibited, they are fulfilling their purpose as well as my own brief. 

I left a sample book there, which was back and forth from the shelf while I was in the venue, giving people and opportunity to see all of the images in print. Many people were and are familiar with the images of course but seeing this selection framed and printed by the amazing guys at Inspirational Arts is no comparison to seeing them online of course.

Old Mill Pictures created a week #1 wrap up video of the Festival (you can find me at 1':51" if you're quick!). 


KCLR 96fm

On Friday, 22nd July I had the pleasure of speaking with John Masterson on KCLR96fm  ahead of Alternative Kilkenny Arts, 28 July to 14 August. 

I was interviewed about my work, An Uncommon Beauty, a subject I've naturally spoke a lot about. John, a very experienced journalist, was great, welcoming and made very relevant points and asked some good questions. 

The radio station gave away a copy of my An Uncommon Beauty  book (hardcover), so congrats to the winner wherever you are!

I've no trouble talking about the work or my experience around it but being live on air is something that you have to both be aware of and forget at the same time!

Thanks also to producer Eimear who put the morning together.

AKA - Alternative Kilkenny Arts Festival

Delighted to be showing a selection of images from An Uncommon Beauty as part of the AKA!
The images will be on view prior to and during Kilkenny Arts Week 2016.

Alternative Kilkenny Arts (AKA) is a collaboration of people living in Kilkenny who have an interest in or practice within the arts around the City and County. Alternative Kilkenny Arts Fringe Festival provides a great opportunity for many not involved in the main programme to exhibit, perform, recite and activate their work around the City during the Festival. There has from time to time been a tradition of an informal fringe programme to compliment the main festival. But it has been inconsistent. AKA is endeavouring to bring together these strands under a single programme to promote a diverse range of artistic and creative talent, offer a platform and to raise awareness to patrons of the festival that all of this is going on in our City; all of the time!

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