On a break - Axis Art Centre and Theatre

I was recently hired to work with those producing and choreographing a new dance project, the subject of which I found extremely interesting.
I met some great people on the first day, during which there was a workshop around the subject matter before they took to the stage to explore ideas. More to follow is all I can say for now! Mobile phone images below were before an during a break. 

Creative Dance Tales

Creative Dance Tales – A Digital Resource For Teachers And Dance Artists

So pleased to have some of my images included as part of this fantastic resource via Arts in Education

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Reggae Got Soul

Reggae Got Soul - Original Skinhead, Reggae, Jamaican, Ska and Rocksteady all played on original vinyl at the Thomas House, Dublin. 

All images © Anthony Griffin Photography. All rights reserved. 

38 Women | Hyde Park Art Centre, Chicago

A first look at how my images are presented as part of the (Re)Public public exhibition (until 15 Jan 2017), accompanying Coiscéim's 38 Women. 38 Women is a class and performance project which has been running parallel to the ANU/CoisCéim collaboration These Rooms. This is a project that I have worked with since April of 2016. 

‘I hope that our stories will be many. As women – I imagine we will discover themes that we have in common, connections and overlaps, as well as distinct differences. The process of discovery may be challenging, colourful – and surely dynamic. In the physical re-telling of these narratives our choreography may be expansive or detailed, lyrical or abrasive, formal or free-flowing….let’s see where this creative and expressive journey takes us…’
- Philippa Donnellan, Choreographer
'We live by the stories we have about our lives; they shape our lives' - Bearing Witness, Katherine Ley, 2010.

Re(Public) - Exhibitions - Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago

My current and upcoming work with CoisCéim Dance Theatre will wing its way to Chicago later this year, to be exhibited as part of (Re)Public. The images have and continue to assist in shaping 38 Women.

The initial images 'took shape' after several shoot ideas until we landed on tightly cropped portraits, with performers creating a shape from something that shaped their lives. The notions of 'testimony' and 'witness' play no small part in 38 Women and it was felt that this initial imagery was very apt. Further shoots, as the project develops choreographically, will take place over the coming weeks and months. It's a really interesting, collaborative project and one in which I am very proud to be a part. Coming in at the start of a project like this has been great and to be a somewhat intrinsic part, rather than a documentary bystander, is rewarding as a photographer. 

(Re)Public is a group exhibition showcasing the work of seven leading socially-engaged Irish artists in conversation with Chicago-based practitioners in the same field, including Philippa Donnellan (CoisCéim).

Re(Public) is co-organised with CREATE, the national development agency for collaborative arts in Ireland, and supported by Culture Ireland as part of the Ireland 2016 Centenary programme to mark the 1916 Easter Rising.

At this significant time of commemoration and self-reflection in Ireland, these artist’s practices engage in profound ways with different publics in exploring pressing social, political and environmental issues current in 21st century Ireland.

Source: http://www.hydeparkart.org/exhibitions/emrepublicem

38 Women Shape Their Story | These Rooms

More on a CoisCéim Broadreach project that I'm involved in. Some work done and more to do in the coming months. Lots of exploratory shots, and hugely interesting to be part of a performance project from even before its inception.

Using movement, dance, text and sound, the performance of 38 WOMEN will be presented in a specially chosen location – to give shape to their stories and recount their experiences, and how these have impacted on their lives in an imaginative and dynamic theatrical experience. A number of podcasts will be made as part of this project as a permanent legacy of 38 WOMEN.

Participation and access are central to the ethos of both ANU and CoisCéim as companies. Through CoisCéim Broadreach and ANU Enrichment, people are invited to engage directly with the work and art form itself in meaningful, substantial and rewarding ways. Projects and initiatives are coherently connected to the performance programme, allowing participants to permeate the subject and confidently define their own creative response.

As part of These Rooms, under the overall direction of Philippa Donnellan, CoisCéim Broadreach and ANU Enrichment will design and deliver multiple opportunities for people to engage, including class and performances participation projects for people of all ages, special workshops and conversation series. 

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