A Oui bit of ¡NO!

Sunday evening [09.08.15] and Dublin Improv band ¡No! came together for an impromptu ('in the corner') musical meeting over beers with visiting French flautist friend, Pierre Salivas at The Workman's Club, Dublin.

The venue was a sun-drenched, cosy retro-styled room overlooking the river Liffey, although the sounds were from a time yet to come. 

¡NO! is a New Psychedelic Direct Improv band that was co-founded in 2013 by Fergus Cullen, Jamie Davis, LRC and Graham Montgomery. A combo of classical and jazz  trained multi-instrumentalists, their sound comprises multiple influences from psychedelic, krautrock, post-prog and no-wave, to free jazz and electronica.

¡NO! curate the Concrete Soup Improv Music Residency at Arthur’s on Thomas Street, Dublin, with international and domestic artists appearing each month. Check here for details. ¡No! released their eponomously titled debut album on Last of Our Kind Records earlier this year.

Also playing alongside ¡NO! and Pierre Salivas was Amoon, cross-genre composer and bandleader A. Mooney.