Henhouse Prowlers

Saturday, 26 August and I flew the coop for a night with Chicago’s Henhouse Prowlers at the Thomas House, Dublin.

Ben, John, Aaron & Kyle, all tremendously accomplished musicians, treated the crowd to lightning hot, bluegrass pickin’, and ballads, including songs from Nigeria, Uganda and Kyrgyzstan. The Prowlers have worked with the US State Department from Sub-Saharan Africa to Russia, returning each time to bring back and share other culture’s folk music with a ‘bluegrassified’ twist. 

Good-time music from real gents, all of whom were eager to mingle with the crowd between sets and after the show. When not travelling the world, the band are avid educators in terms of their respective instruments but also in the general area of Bluegrass, from an American cultural history point of view. Henhouse Prowlers regularly bring their bluegrass curriculum to elementary and intermediate schools in various US States.

All images © Anthony Griffin Photography. All rights reserved.