The Terrorsaurs

The Terrorsaurs (Birmingham, UK) were conceived and created in 2009 by Ian B (King Fink), with the to forge elements of 1950’s sci-fi, schlock cinema & pulp imagery into a musical form that utilises and references garage & surf rock.

Their raw, hard-edged sound is fully realised on the ‘One Night Only’ album recorded at WILD Studios, Hollywood CA. This savage slice of R ‘n’ R perfectly captures the vibe of the band and is their seminal release to date.

The Terrorsaurs swamp train rolls on and recently made a stompin' stop at The Thomas House on 25 February 2017. | |

“What I wear on and off stage is my mask. You see, a mask doesn't hide you, it exposes you.” 
― Nuno Roque


All images © Anthony Griffin Photography. All rights reserved.