Flaming Hell, it's the Flaming Stars!

The Flaming Stars | The Thomas House, Dublin, November 2017 | Support from Reverend JM's Panic Worship

Formed in London in 1994 by lead singer Max Décharné, guitarists Huck Whitney and Mark Hosking (on bass this night, filling in for bassist Paul Dempsey) and Joe Whitney on drums, this was the The Flaming Stars first ever Dublin show. As Mark said to me, 'what a pity there weren't more places like this back in the day'. It took a long time for them to arrive to Dublin but they were more then keen to return after their show.

Wearing a twenty-something year old Gallon Drunk t-shirt (a nod to Décharné), I wasn't going to miss this gig, having listened to the Flaming Stars since their '98 release, Songs from the Bar Room Floor. I had no doubt I would end up saying, 'it was a great a gig as I had hoped'. Consider that said.

Personally nostalgic, contemporarily relevant and a whole lot of fun in the perfect venue. As they once advised, sell your soul to The Flaming Stars.

Set list: Only Tonight, Bury My Heart at Pier 13, You Don't Always Want What You Get, Get Carter, Where the Beautiful People Go, Money To Burn, Revenge, Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye, Broken Heart, The Face On The Bar Room Floor, Baby Steps, God Told Me to Do It, The Light Pours out Of Me, Downhill Without Brakes, New Hope for the Dead, Back of My Mind, Like Trash

All images © Anthony Griffin Photography. All rights reserved.