38 Women Shape Their Story | These Rooms

More on a CoisCéim Broadreach project that I'm involved in. Some work done and more to do in the coming months. Lots of exploratory shots, and hugely interesting to be part of a performance project from even before its inception.

Using movement, dance, text and sound, the performance of 38 WOMEN will be presented in a specially chosen location – to give shape to their stories and recount their experiences, and how these have impacted on their lives in an imaginative and dynamic theatrical experience. A number of podcasts will be made as part of this project as a permanent legacy of 38 WOMEN.

Participation and access are central to the ethos of both ANU and CoisCéim as companies. Through CoisCéim Broadreach and ANU Enrichment, people are invited to engage directly with the work and art form itself in meaningful, substantial and rewarding ways. Projects and initiatives are coherently connected to the performance programme, allowing participants to permeate the subject and confidently define their own creative response.

As part of These Rooms, under the overall direction of Philippa Donnellan, CoisCéim Broadreach and ANU Enrichment will design and deliver multiple opportunities for people to engage, including class and performances participation projects for people of all ages, special workshops and conversation series. 

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