AKA Fringe Festival 2016 | Week One

The first week of AKA Fringe is coming to an end, with another week to go and Kilkenny Arts Week starting today. After hanging my pieces from An Uncommon Beauty and dropping by to do a KCLR interview, I stayed a couple of days in Kilkenny. 


This year's AKA programme is packed with events (almost all of which I am missing by being back in Dublin!) and a real credit to the organising committee and the City itself. 

My images had a great reception from what I saw and heard first hand and hopefully they're being well received in my absence. I was asked some great questions about the work, the women and about alopecia in general. The work is not for sale and by being exhibited, they are fulfilling their purpose as well as my own brief. 

I left a sample book there, which was back and forth from the shelf while I was in the venue, giving people and opportunity to see all of the images in print. Many people were and are familiar with the images of course but seeing this selection framed and printed by the amazing guys at Inspirational Arts is no comparison to seeing them online of course.

Old Mill Pictures created a week #1 wrap up video of the Festival (you can find me at 1':51" if you're quick!).