The Wynntown Marshals

I stopped by a packed Biddy Early's to hear The Wynntown Marshals, a band I knew but never saw live (apart from having a few drinks with them a night or two before this gig!). 

Formed in Edinburgh in 2007, The Wynntown Marshals tip their hat to artists like The Jayhawks, Wilco, Drive-By Truckers, Ryan Adams and Neil Young. The Marshals' sound can loosely be described as ‘country rock', although their power pop hooks conveya love of guitars, a catchy chorus with an unabashed belief in the power of rock music as a storytelling vehicle.

The band has supported several world-renowned Americana acts including Marty Stuart, Richmond Fontaine and Jason & The Scorchers. Also, in 2008 the Marshals toured the UK opening for the influential American singer-songwriter Chuck Prophet, and performed to critical acclaim at the 2008 and 2009 Kilkenny Rhythm & Roots Festivals in Ireland.

© Anthony Griffin Photography 2016

Critical acclaim for The Wynntown Marshals:

"Whisky-soaked, with blurry echoes of a decelerated Husker Du... 8/10" - Uncut (UK) Dec 2013
"One of my favourite bands – period!" - No Depression (US) 2013
"A real favourite of mine" - Bob Harris (BBC Radio 2, UK) 2010
"The Marshals' take on Americana and rock 'n' roll just doesn't get old" - Metro (UK) 2014
"A fresh, new, creative & unique concoction" - Hooked On Music (Germany) 2013
"Simultaneously classic, melancholic, evocative & contemporary" - Blue Bottazzi Beat (Italy) 2013
"They really have the potential to conquer the charts & radio" - Maxazine (Netherlands) 2013
"Everything you love about classic country rock" - Glitterhouse Records (Germany) Aug 2013
"A beautiful, classic country sound & a wealth of beautiful songs" - Heaven (Netherlands) July 2013