Richmond Fontaine

Neither Richmond Fontaine, nor frontman Willie Vlautin, need much of an introduction since they rose to fame in 2004 off the back of their 5th album, Post To Wire, which went on to sell over 20,000 copies and earned them Album of the Month in UNCUT. Again, happening the following year with their following album, The Fitzgerald. The press snowballed with these and their following three albums, which saw the band playing Green Man, Primavera, End of the Road  Festivals, while building a loyal following over the last 11 years.

Included in the images below is Kilkenny Roots Festival director, John Cleere, presenting Willie with a gift, a piece by award winning ceramicist Claire Molloy, who embellishes her work with horsehair and smoke. It was a poignant moment on the night, with Kilkenny (and horses) being close to Willie Vlautin's big heart.

© Anthony Griffin Photography 2016