Ryley Walker

At just 25 years old, Ryley Walker is seemingly decades ahead of most of his contemporaries in both technical skill and composition. The fingerpicking on “On the Banks of the Old Kishwaukee” wanders with a tumultuous spirit. Walker is wedded to his instrument — so much so that he was once fired from a job at Jimmy John’s for practicing in their walk-in freezer. That discipline eventually brought him to lacquer his fingertips at cheap salons in pursuit of a smoother sound. Several years later, he can last through dizzying codas on “Same Minds” or cheeky Irish licks on “Griffiths Bucks Blues”. A great gig in Cleere's Bar & Theatre. Hints of quite diverse influences, which he didn't mind pointing out along the way. Backed by very accomplished musicians who were as just interesting to watch as to listen.

© Anthony Griffin Photography 2016