The Hugh Lane, 'Possession'

I had the opportunity once again, to enjoy a performance by Izumi Kamura and Cathal Roche in the Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, as well as meet Ian Wilson, composer of Possession in person. Ian had contacted me prior to the premiere of the work earlier in the month, as he was seeking photos of Izumi and Cathal for Bandon's Engage Festival brochure and website. Photography was not permitted during the performance, with only little time to record the scene as the set up for the Sundays@Noon concert. These Sunday concert series require an early arrival and such was the case on this day, with a full house possessed with both the structured and improvised music from Izumi and Cathal. Ian told me of the excitement of hearing each performance vary, given the improvisation, which takes place in, out and between each part of his work.  

Possession is a 21st-century paean to the musical world we live in and its global cross-pollination of musical stimuli. This multi-movement work combines detailed, sometimes complex notation drawing upon many different musical styles with various kinds of improvisation – controlled, guided and free. It is both an ambitious musical journey across the globe – embracing indigenous music from India, Japan, North and South America, the Arctic Circle, Africa and Australia – and a showcase for the remarkable talents of Izumi Kimura and Cathal Roche, the only duo in Ireland equally at home in contemporary classical and improvised musics. (Ian Wilson, 2016)

© Anthony Griffin Photography 2016