Delta Bombers/Slim Jim and the Bone Breakers

So the dust has settled after the Delta Bomber show in the Thomas House (Saturday, 1 August 2015). It was only a year ago since their last gig at the Thomas Street venue and between the Polecats (previous night) saying it was good to be home, it could definitely be argued that it was also a homecoming for Wild Records' Delta Bombers:

'You can guarantee when a Wild Records band visits Dublin they will only play in The Thomas House' (Dwyer, 2105). 

Slim Jim and the Bone Breakers shook up the crowd with their Rockabilly/Garage R'n'R [listen here], having already performed on the Abner Brown stage at Sweeneys' as part of The Dublin Rock-N-Roll Festival this weekend.

Las Vegas is The Delta Bombers' actual home and they are currently halfway through their tour on this side of the Atlantic. Since 2008, The Delta Bombers have powered their way all over the world with a hybrid of 50’s R&R and blues. A driving force of the band is to write and perform music that brings people from various musical tastes together and no better venue! As a mate said after the show:

'Those boy are keeping the spirit of real rock n roll alive and if you like any sort of guitar based music you really need to see em'. 

And while the Dublin Rock N Roll Festival played out over 31st July-2nd August, the previous night's Polecats gig, tonight's Delta Bombers gig - all of which was preceded by an all day Vinyl Market (1000's of records across all genres) - plus DJs upstairs in the Thomas House, shows (if you didn't already know!) that this Dublin bar carries its own year-long festival for many, many people in and beyond Dublin.

Tonight and last night: two great bands, lots of great people, unbelievable music and all under one roof. 

Continued thanks from me to Kev, Gar and all the staff of Thomas House. 

Dwyer, R. (2015). Delta Bombers for Thomas House - Hot Press talks to Reb Kennedy. [Blog] Hot Press. Available at: [Accessed 31 Jul. 2015].

Slim Jim and The Bone Breakers

The Delta Bombers