The Bonnevilles

The Thomas House, Dublin - 7 October 2011


'What happens when sneering, million valve garage punk charges headlong into greaser blues? Ask The Bonnevilles, the two-headed fuzz freakshow comprising of sonic Siamese twins, Andrew McGibbon Jr and Chris McMullan.

Hailing from Northern Ireland and one spiritual foot muddying all the way down the Delta, these drunken reprobates formed in 2007 over fistfights and rhythm 'n' booze, managing to create one helluva racket, kicking up dust and takin' numbers. When the dust settled, all that was left was a blood stain and a long-player called 'Good Suits & Fightin’ Boots' on Motor Sounds Records.

The black plume and the revving, full throttle rock 'n' roll has seen The Bonnevilles wiping out entire towns with the sheer brutal force of the blues based sonic battery, all pumping out of a toxic valve amp and drums do heavy that scientists believe that tracks like 'Asylum Seekers Of Love' and 'The Drag' might just unlock the secrets to black holes.

These boneheads don't care though. Through tuff surf, rockabilly, fuzz fuzz fuzz and snotty rock, The Bonnevilles tell you everything you need to know with volume, hot rods and a naked pin-up gals.

Hitch with The Bonnevilles. You probably won't survive but it'll be one helluva ride.

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