Web Summit 2015

The dust has definitely settled on Web Summit 2015 (for me and Dublin given its future) and in hindsight, it was a great experience. I was part of a team of six photographers who between us, covered each of the several hundred stands over the 3 day event. It was very challenging given the huge crowds, the heat, the small stand spaces (with no partitions), long days and the speed at which we had to work in order to capture everyone (we did our best!). 

We were hired by a UK commercial agency (who in turn was hired by Web Summit 2015), with quite a unique approach to event photography.

The arrangement was interesting but it was great in that we delivered our memory cards every couple of hours to the company's stand, who then uploaded the images to retouchers to crop and correct any white balance issues. The photographs were then made available to each company who exhibited so that they can download the images for free. 

From chatting to 10-year old Alexander Knoll about his Ability App, Judy van Niekerk's Digital Bra to the super enthusiastic guys from Candle Touch, there was an amazing amount of applications and solutions from the field of health, lifestyle, food, fashion, finance and everything else in between. 

In between opportune moments for portraits, there was still time to play with gadgets such as Jaunt’s amazing professional-grade stereographic cinematic virtual reality camera

I came away from the three days feeling physically sore, with pockets full of business cards and lots of great memories of chatting to start up companies from all over the world. The team I worked with were great and team work was definitely required! Furthermore, as an experience in fast-paced event photography where in-camera photos were critically evaluated over the course of the 3-day event, it as invaluable. 

Images © Splento 2015