Billy Bragg Photo

This is one of a few Billy Bragg photos that was sought by Billy Bragg's management company a few years back. I recently met Billy who remembered the image saying, 'that gets used a lot!'.

It popped up again recently on a number of sites and platforms. Here's a few from the UK, Croatia & Australia. 

Reggae Got Soul

Reggae Got Soul - Original Skinhead, Reggae, Jamaican, Ska and Rocksteady all played on original vinyl at the Thomas House, Dublin. 

All images © Anthony Griffin Photography. All rights reserved. 

The Terrorsaurs

The Terrorsaurs (Birmingham, UK) were conceived and created in 2009 by Ian B (King Fink), with the to forge elements of 1950’s sci-fi, schlock cinema & pulp imagery into a musical form that utilises and references garage & surf rock.

Their raw, hard-edged sound is fully realised on the ‘One Night Only’ album recorded at WILD Studios, Hollywood CA. This savage slice of R ‘n’ R perfectly captures the vibe of the band and is their seminal release to date.

The Terrorsaurs swamp train rolls on and recently made a stompin' stop at The Thomas House on 25 February 2017. | |

“What I wear on and off stage is my mask. You see, a mask doesn't hide you, it exposes you.” 
― Nuno Roque


All images © Anthony Griffin Photography. All rights reserved. 

Rob Heron & The Tea Pad Orchestra + The Most Ugly Child

Luckily for us, 2/6ths of The Most Ugly Child jumped in a car and made their way from Nottingham to Dublin's Thomas House to support Rob Heron & The Tea Pad Orchestra

The Most Ugly Child are a country 6-piece, centered around the song-writing partnership of Daniel Wright and Stevie-Leigh Goodison. Their original material blends seamlessly with old country classics, with influences ranging from Hank Williams, Townes Van Zandt, George Jones to Tom Waits and Led Zeppelin (indeed, we were gifted a rendition of Tom Waits' 'Chocolate Jesus'). Beautiful harmonies with plenty of foot-tapping tunes to warm up the crowd. 

Rob Heron and The Tea Pad Orchestra

Having heard and photographed Rob previously, this gig was on my radar (and brought to my attention late last year by Nick from the excellent Elvis Fontenot and the Sugar Bees.

Rob Heron & The Tea Pad Orchestra, according to their website,

'don’t care what genre you choose to put them in – western swing, country blues, ragtime hokum or whatever else– as long as you understand that they’re 100% sincere and 100% immersed in this stuff. This is no lazy pastiche, no dressing up box. They live and breathe this music and want you to get immersed with them. '

'North eastern Swing', gypsy jazz, hokum blues, hot Jazz, western swing, about we settle on 'great'?

With character and expert musicianship, the busy crowd couldn't help but part to make some space for some swing dancing.

A lengthy, fun set from Rob and his Orchestra and is so very often the case for returning artists, a sense of a 'home from home-coming' in this venue.

Thanks to Maurice and Dominic for their company and the conversations from restored jukeboxes to pre-Comets, Bill Haley!

Rob Heron and The Tea Pad Orchestra played the Thomas House on Saturday, 7th January 2017. 

All images © Anthony Griffin Photography. All rights reserved.