Henhouse Prowlers

Saturday, 26 August and I flew the coop for a night with Chicago’s Henhouse Prowlers at the Thomas House, Dublin.

Ben, John, Aaron & Kyle, all tremendously accomplished musicians, treated the crowd to lightning hot, bluegrass pickin’, and ballads, including songs from Nigeria, Uganda and Kyrgyzstan. The Prowlers have worked with the US State Department from Sub-Saharan Africa to Russia, returning each time to bring back and share other culture’s folk music with a ‘bluegrassified’ twist. 

Good-time music from real gents, all of whom were eager to mingle with the crowd between sets and after the show. When not travelling the world, the band are avid educators in terms of their respective instruments but also in the general area of Bluegrass, from an American cultural history point of view. Henhouse Prowlers regularly bring their bluegrass curriculum to elementary and intermediate schools in various US States.

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Thanks to Ballymun Community Law Centre (BCLC) for their continued custom.

I have been designing/laying out their Annual Reports, Strategy Documents since their 2010 Annual Report, with their 2016 Report being the most recent. 

For desktop publishing services, drop me a line for a competitive quote.

Desktop Publishing, Layout & Design :: contact anthony@agp.ie

Desktop Publishing, Layout & Design :: contact anthony@agp.ie

Ballymun Community Law Centre was established in 2002 to tackle unmet legal needs in Ballymun. The Community Law Centre provides free information, legal advice, representation, education and mediation facilitating access to justice to people within the Community. In 2016 the Law Centre changed its name to Ballymun Community Law & Mediation Centre to reflect our broader services.

For print-ready or soft copy DTP work, please contact me here.

Expressions International Portrait Exhibition 2017

Yesterday, I went to Longford Town for the launch of Expressions, 2017 (Ireland's largest dedicated art photography portrait exhibition & competition), in which I was a finalist. This was my second year to both enter and reach the final, with the previous held in an indoor gallery space. So with enlarged prints (1x2m), in a very public venue, it's a great experience for the finalists, as well as the general public.

Greeted by name by organisers Angelika Sowul and Shelley Corcoran (with whom I photographed alongside Cllr. Mae Sexton) felt like a real 'welcome back'. The image I submitted is one from Transmission, which I explained in a short video interview. My previous finalist entry in 2015 was from An Uncommon Beauty and in fact, the Cruthú Arts Festival Chairperson saw me yesterday and said, 'Hi, you're the alopecia guy, right?'☺

Trish Lambe Co-Director of the Gallery of Photography also addressed the attendees, as did Longford TD/Minister of State, Kevin Moran. A great day and a credit to Angelika, Shelley and their team, as well as the Cruthú Arts Festival of which this was a part. Great work and a real diversity & array of talent on exhibit as always.

Thanks also to Jasminka for the photos of myself!

Irish Central

What’s happening in County Kilkenny? Events you can’t miss - IrishCentral Staff, July 17, 2017 08:43 PM

IrishCentral Staff @IrishCentral July 17, 2017 08:43 PM

IrishCentral Staff @IrishCentral July 17, 2017 08:43 PM

IrishCentral is the leading Irish digital media company in North America, providing political, current affairs, entertainment, and historical commentary to the Irish throughout the world. The business caters to 34 million Irish Americans and 70 million Irish diaspora and receives 3.5 million unique visitors per month. 

'Expressions' International Portrait Exhibition

As a finalist, I am hoping to make the opening ceremony later this month. I made the finals when I entered in 2015 and had a great evening - this year, the exhibition launch is during the day and in the open, so I hope even more of the general public will attend. The finalists' images will also be much more public, being displayed as large prints around the town!

I'm on iTunes (kind of...)

One of my Billy Bragg photos does the rounds a great deal. Very happy to see it representing his profile on iTunes. I studied music in the past and while it's highly unlikely that I'll ever have an album on iTunes, I do now have a photo there at least! As a Billy Bragg mega-fan, it means a great deal. He remarked on the image the last time I met him, acknowledging that it gets used a lot. One of a small series available on his Press Page.  



It feels like I haven't posted here in a while. And I haven't.

My time has been been divided up between producing online content for a couple of organisations I am involved with, starting on the design and layout for an not-for-profit legal service's Annual Report, as well as correcting assignments, writing feedback and providing online content in my role as a photography tutor. 

The latter really keeps me thinking and I always write and give as much feedback as I can when marking assignments. I had my ups and down when I undertook my photo degree but I loved the course and did very well. There was great support from lecturers and peers, so now that I have students of my own, I give them as much advice and support as I can. 

I was recently awarded certification in Training & Development and feel that this has really enhanced my skills when tutoring. There's a saying, Those who can, do; those who can't, teach.

Woody Allen took it further: Those who can't do, teach. And those who can't teach, teach gym.
I didn't say that but I never liked gym. With new insight in learning & delivery styles, evaluative practices and everything else, I'm real happy to take it from can do, can teach. I still don't like gym however.